Installation of CMS and /or a Template:

No matter which Content Management System you choose, we will install its framework and one Template for you, so we can get started on your web site as soon as possible. 
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Installation of CMS Add-ons:

All CMS systems can be extended to meet or exceed a customer's needs. We'll install and configure any add-on on your web site for an additional fee. 
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Web Site Design & Coding:
Working with the customer, our company will do all web site layout, design, coding, graphics, while using the latest Internet technologies ensuring that your web site is ready for the future. 

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Web Site Aftercare:
When your web site is finished, we will take care of configuring what is necessary in order for your web site to be accessible to the world.
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Security updates:
After your web site is online, we will provide FREE security updates for it as long as you're our customer.  This includes:

* CMS Security Updates. 
* Template Security updates. 
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